FieldOfficeTime is an automated Time and Attendance mobile application that is run right from your employees smart device’s. The app uses multi-factor biometrics, a smartphone’s camera, microphone and touch screen to authenticate employees daily start and end times. Their time is then billed against tasks or work orders. Get started today – with no expensive hardware purchases or time-consuming software installations.


Intuitive and easy to use

Employees touch and swipe to punch in and out. No cascading or drop-down menus – just easy navigation.

Multiple languages

Run a global business? Set a default language for each region. FieldOfficeSuite operates in English and Spanish. Need another language? We’ll add it.

Visual employee directory

Empower supervisors to monitor crews, using pictures to see who’s onsite and quickly navigate to their time logs.


Versatile authentication

Clock employees in using the multi-factor biometrics tool of your choice – facial, voice, or signature recognition.

Eliminate time clock fraud

Automate time capture, with hours in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Eliminate time and attendance fraud, while using technology to drive productivity.

Location aware with pinpoint accuracy

Geo-coordinates confirm workers and equipment are where they need to be. Provide driving directions to crews.


No connectivity required

Working in a remote area? Employees can sign in with biometrics, and supervisors can manage operations offline. Simply reconnect and upload data when you’re back online.

Use weather data to plan work

Integrated weather information enables you to plan work and respond to changing conditions.

Define job locations

Create multiple job locations within a project, using default locations, points or addresses with their radius, or polygon drawing tools.

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