FieldOfficeDocs is our document sharing app for the construction industry. It automates your job files significantly increasing efficiency and making every job document available immediately. We make sure your field personnel have everything they need to do the job – reports, photos, plans, schedules, and more. We also make sure headquarters has immediate access to any new information created in the field. Keep your job files organized and accessible to those who need them.

Docs adds great value to every company by delivering visibility.

Access the Documents, Files, and Photos You Need – Immediately access and view documents organized by job from your mobile device. Download them to your device for use while offline.

Keep the Field and Headquarters in Sync – Make sure everyone is viewing and working from the same document. Both the field and headquarters office can access and use the same documents.

Use universally accepted PDF Forms – Provide employees the forms they need to capture inspections, meetings, reports, etc. We capture the form in the field and place along with other job documents back into your office.

Major Benefit to Both the Field and Headquarters

FieldOffice Docs benefits both the field and headquarters. Headquarters can post files for each job or work order, and field personnel can download them for viewing. And, field personnel can create and upload new files from the jobsite for viewing by everyone else. Either way, FieldOffice Docs adds great value to every company by delivering visibility.

Key Features

  • Securely share docs and files securely between the field and headquarters
  • Role-based permissions and actions
  • Download to mobile device for offline viewing
  • Complete PDF Forms in the field
  • Supports all standard documents, photos, PDFs, and more
  • Simple, easy-to-use mobile interface
  • Simple admin portal to manage docs and files
  • Integration with your other headquarters systems

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