FieldOfficeDocs provides secure, cloud-based access to all the documents you need in the field, even oversized or large files. Empower your employees with the data and forms they need to run jobs effectively. Eliminate unnecessary travel and paperwork with online document access, uploading, and downloading. Capture photos and other data in the field for a complete picture of job progress.


Access the documents you need

Get access to architecture diagrams, contracts, invoices, work orders, change orders, inspection reports, accident reports, zoning permits, and more.

Use documents offline

Save documents for use in rugged and remote locations, where wireless service is not available.

Save time and money with automation

Digital processes speed work. Automate forms for remote capture in the field.


Control access to documents

Provide secure sharing and management of key documents to only approved individuals. Know who is accessing the solution and when.

Streamline distribution

Provide easy access to all required documents for jobs, so that supervisors and employees have everything they need.

Find information instantly

Search internally for information, using keywords and job numbers that documents are tagged with. Metadata keeps records organized and tagged to the right jobs.


Document job progress

Capture information as it occurs. Complete forms. Take pictures and make recordings. File daily inspection, accident, and other reports for a full picture of jobs.

Improve supervisor effectiveness

Give supervisors everything they need to manage and execute jobs onsite. Eliminate paperwork and unnecessary travel.

Convert paper into digital records

Create a complete picture and audit trail of every decision and action for every job. Turn paper processes into digital workflows.

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