CentralOffice provides management with an “at a glance” dashboard of your business performance – and the tools to manage it. Access this powerful back-office tool anywhere.


Access tools anywhere

CentralOffice is cloud-based, which means that you and your team can use it anywhere there is wireless: at your office, on the job site, or on the go.

Get what you need

Have instant access to data, documents, reports, and management tools.

Manage business change

Add new employees, assign and change roles, and view their log-in data. Enter projects and location coordinates.


Set rules for your business

Set up employees, roles, and labor allocations. Define projects, including jobs and work orders. Auto-clock out employees who don’t check out.

Review exceptions

Manual overrides on the job site trigger alerts, so you can review them. Increase operational transparency and know when and why changes are being made.

Manual overrides are flagged

Supervisors can override entries, but they are escalated for management review. Assign employee time to new projects easily or change hours worked if necessary.


Super-charge your ERP

Drive performance with real-time data that integrates seamlessly into back office systems. Quickly and easily compare progress against estimates and plans.

Manage jobs in real-time

Track resource allocations, work performance and issues. Make changes immediately – before issues harm performance and profitability.

Get visibility at all levels

Manage your business across regions, job sites, projects, and work orders. Drill down to the level of individual employees at any job location.

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