FieldOfficeSuite is a set of integrated mobile apps for the construction industry that quickly and easily collects data in the field and transmit it in real time to headquarters so you can manage the job as it happens. Our mobile apps create “points of truth” across the complete job lifecycle by capturing activity. They are simple, smart, and secure and ensure your field people are capturing and submitting the right data, at the right level, at the right time.

  • FieldOfficeTime

  • Is our mobile time tracking. Built with your field personnel in mind, the app is simple and easy to use.

    It uses biometric authentication to identify and verify employees and creates other “points of truth” through location awareness and weather capture.

    It runs on any mobile device and allows you to track employee and equipment time against jobs and work orders.

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  • FieldOfficeDocs

  • Is our document sharing app. It automates your job files significantly increasing efficiency and making every job document available immediately.

    We make sure your field personnel have everything they need to do the job – reports, photos, plans, schedules, and more. We also make sure headquarters has immediate access to any new information created in the field. Keep your job files organized and accessible to those who need them.
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  • FieldOfficeDaily

  • Is our automated daily work reports. It collects data in real time from our other apps and builds the report as work happens throughout the day, proving what’s been done and who’s done it.

    This drives better accuracy by capturing things as they happen, not tonight or tomorrow. Report progress, labor, materials, equipment, and other daily activities. Prevent “profit fade” with proactive decision making.

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  • CentralOffice

  • Is the backbone of the FieldOffice Suite. Its based in the Cloud and drives the transmission of data between the field and headquarters.

    It also serves as the admin portal for the FieldOffice mobile apps. Create reports, manage your data, securely integrate with your other systems, and manage employees, jobs, equipment, work orders and more through the easy-to-use web interface.

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